Hospitality & Leisure Solutions

Due to the many services required by the tourist, be careful to provide them in the best form and use new and modern methods to develop them, and because hotels are places where there are many people, we must choose the most appropriate type of flooring that lasts long, as floors are one of the most important elements that distinguish your decor. We provide it in many different types and colors according to the needs of our dear customer, so we have the most luxurious types of floors designed with the latest innovative ways.

One of the most popular flooring of the hotel is the Luxury Axminster carpet, which is used in guest rooms and reception hall, in the stairs, entrances and corridors inside the hotel which are characterized by luxury, sophistication, softness, high quality. One of the most characteristic of the hotels flooring than others:

  • Resistant stains
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation
  • Sustainability

We also offer a special manufacturing service of the Axmnister carpet which is used in many hotels, where the customer can provide pictures and drawings and we design our own carpet and with the best quality.