Healthcare Solutions

Our hospitals are always needed a safe and durable industry, and the floors are able to withstand the high traffic. We provided for you from Cflor, medical vinyl flooring, which has all the features that make it suitable for use in health care facilities, so it is ideal for hospitals, clinics, health centers, Health care facilities. This type of vinyl is characterized by high technical specifications and specialized to suit the sensitivity of this sector and its requirements.

Characteristics of hospital flooring:

Studies have shown that a comfortable hospital environment that makes them feel at home helps patients recover, positively affecting how patients interact with their visitors. The medical vinyl flooring which is provided by Cflor creates a quiet, clean and comfortable environment and has proved to be the ideal flooring for hospitals and other healthcare facilities; it is made of high quality materials, which proves to you its high quality features such as shock absorbers and scratch resistance. It helps to reduce the noise level of the medical team and vehicles, as well as footsteps, all of them helping patients feel comfortable.

Our floors are also designed to be durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean. In addition, it is flexible and strong flooring, available in rolls, provides easy maintenance, and it is never suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Cflor for flooring provides attractive designs and safety specifications to support all medical procedures.

Vinyl medical floors are used in hospitals so that they can be used in the following places:

Operating rooms:

where they absorb and discharge electrical charges in the operating room so that patients are not affected in the rooms due to the direct and indirect effects of these electrical charges, medical vinyl is considered one of the best vinyl flooring for hospitals, which gives the greatest safety for everyone in the hospital, It is also considered the best type of vinyl flooring for normal uses, whether for the floors of patients' rooms or corridors in hospitals or laboratories.

Photography rooms:

It is important that both patients and health care professionals feel comfortable in a clean and healthy environment. Our flooring facilitates flexible use in imaging areas (MRI, scanners, and radiology rooms). They also reduce electrical charge to reduce the risk of equipment failure or discomfort during operations. Our flooring are easy to clean and can carry heavy loads of medical equipment.


Hospital reception spaces must be clean, elegant and inspire confidence. The floor design also helps visitors and employees feel comfortable inside. We also offer you floors that last for decades and look new like the first day they were installed. In addition, our durable flooring is resistant to heavy movement and easy to clean and maintain.

In areas that constitute a high risk of infectious diseases in hospitals:

Such as operating rooms and medical laboratories. Flooring should have the highest standards of hygiene to ensure infection control, air cleanliness and disease freeness. To maintain a clean appearance, we provide for you flooring with stain resistant and chemicals.

Treatment rooms:

Areas where patients should receive treatment and care - such as dialysis and intensive care - must be comfortable and clean at all times, we provided in Cflor flooring with the highest standards of health to ensure infection control. We use stain resistant and easy to clean materials. Our colors and patterns aim to create a calm atmosphere to reduce stress and enhance healing.