Custom Made Solutions

If you want to design a luxurious floor with a certain style, a different shape and attractive colors that are not available on the market, the AlSouraiya for flooring and furniture offers the perfect solution. You can design your land as you like and dream.

We offer a special manufacturing service, choose what suits you from special designs to satisfy your taste which is not available in the market, to suit your needs, and we can design large quantities of different types and colors and engravings distinctive using the best equipment of innovative technology,

In addition to our ability to supply and implement all types of flooring from different countries of the world of any kind or specifications at the best prices, as our floors will be surprised by the appearance and the ease of care and installation, and ensure you quality and beauty at the same time. Just choose the type of thread, the material, the painting, the height, the thickness and the features you want, and we will design your carpet with the best quality.

The special manufacturing service is not only limited to the homes, but we offer you the service to choose the designs of your mosques, hotels, and wedding halls.