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Laminate VS Hardwood

There are many different flooring options available now a days for everyone, like wood, marble, tiles, stone, laminate and many more and you will surely find one that fits your needs. There are two options for wood flooring: traditional hardwood and the popular laminate flooring.

Tradition and Innovation

Hardwood flooring is the old traditional choice for many people in houses and almost everywhere due to its solidity and good flooring material. Laminate on the other hand, is a new developed flooring that has been used increasingly, many people call it the substitute for hardwood, as it has a good flooring material and is for a lower price.

Core Differences

Both hardwood and laminate are very similar in their looks, and because of this they are always compared to each other, they both have advantages and can be very similar but they have different surfaces. Hardwood flooring is a more solid surface whereas laminate is manufactured from paper and fiberboard.

Wood Patterns and Colors

Hard wood flooring offers a natural design and distinct wood pattern; laminate flooring is actually like a photograph of wood, with a wide range of colors and wood designs.

Cost Comparisons

Regarding the cost, hard wood is more expensive than laminate flooring of course. Laminate flooring gives you the same look with a less price and less expensive material, hardwood offers more strength than laminate and so it’s more expensive.

Care & Maintenance

Laminate flooring are easily maintained unlike hardwood flooring, and the laminate flooring can be installed anywhere, however hard wood is harder to install and repair if it becomes damaged.