Cflors, a lot of flooring solutions experience

“To be and remain the preferred supplier in the floor covering solutions.”

“Cflors' mission is to excel in the floor covering business through excellent customer service, customer satisfaction worldwide, investment in its human capital, product research and development, commitment to quality, continuous improvement and Social & corporate responsibility.”

“1. Respect for the individual – all stakeholders.
2. Three excitements rule at Cflors – QCE.
(Quality Products, Competitive Prices, Excellent Service).”

“Cflors believes in the importance of continuous research & development in offering the right product, at the right price with excellent service to the flooring industry.
The company allocates considerable amount for R&D every year which brings in efficiencies to continuously offer quality products at reasonable prices.
Cflors R&D department also helps customers finding tailors made solutions to their needs.
As a result, Cflors is able to execute custom made orders with the industry's lowest MOQ (minimum order quantities).”

“Keeping in view the traditional concerns of market proximity of the production facilities, larger delivery lead times and expensive shipping costs, Cflors has partnered with several other international manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia to provide best solution to create more value for money.
This adds another star to the credentials of Cflors Industries Inc. in providing quicker deliveries to the widespread & versatile global markets.
Thanks to the international trend of globalization and resource sharing that Cflors is well positioned in passing on the advantage of its cost effectiveness to all stakeholders.”